Ruby on Rails, iOS & PHP

Ruby on Rails covers:

  1. Rails 3: Single Table Inheritance
  2. Index multiple document with Solr
  3. Add Custom validation with Paperclip
  4. Upgrade Rails Performance
  5. Send Tweets from your Rails Application
  6. Cucumber and Rspec with Rails
  7. Rails and MongoDb (no sql database)
  8. Installing and Configuring Pik on Windows
  9. Implementing auto-select with Jquery and Rails
  10. New way of Installing Pik on Windows
  11. Core Ruby Concepts
  12. Host Ruby on Rails application with Heroku
  13. Some interesting Ruby facts
  14. rake aborted: no such file to load –mysql
  15. Bitly: to minimize URL in ruby
  16. Facebooker: Fetch contacts in Rails
  17. Contacts gem: Installtion error and its solution
  18. Generate XML with Rails
  19. Ruby on Rails Interview questions
  20. Rails and prototype: Auto-Select

In PHP Section You Will Find the Following Posts: –

[A] Validates Username and Password with PHP

[B] Create a Secure PHP Login Script

Articles that are in Moderation:
[1] Creating a Examination Section, Where Students can Give Online Exams and can able to See their Performances Using RoR.

[2] File Uploading. Sharing and Downloading With Multiple Users Using RoR

[3] How to create Communities, Publishing Posts in that Comm. Using Rails.

and Many More…. So Stay with Me.. I will keep You Updating

Waiting for Your Valuable Responses

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Puneet Pandey


2 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails, iOS & PHP

  1. Sondra March 3, 2009 / 6:55 PM

    How can I make a multiple field search in Rails?, Whitout ajax

  2. Puneet Pandey March 4, 2009 / 4:45 AM


    If I am not wrong you have a single table with multiple columns and you want to search your keyword within those columns, If this is the scenario, you should write:

    query = params[:q]
    @contacts = Contact.find(:first, :conditions => [“first_name LIKE query or last_name LIKE query or email LIKE query”])

    Where 1.params[:q] is the name of your search text field
    2. first_name, last_name, email are the columns name of your table
    3. Contact is your model and contacts will be your table name

    Hope this helps


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