Displaying Something from The Database

Guys in this tutorial I will explain you how to fetch values from the database and show those in a Table format.

Here I assumed one thing, that the user is logged in. and that user has the rights to delete a particular record from the table.

NOTE: This tutorial is very old. But will glimpse you how you can format your data in a structured manner.

So are you Guys Ready???? Then Let’s Start……..

Note: This will start the session of that particular user.

3 thoughts on “Displaying Something from The Database

  1. Hi, i want to display the data in table format like this

    Username : Ranjith
    Mobilenumber : 9036375753
    email Id : ranjith123@yahoo.com

    the above mentioned data i need to display in the table…

    Please give solution for this…I am new to php

    1. Ranjith,

      You can use the below code snippet:


      However, at this point of time I am unable to give you the proper snippet. But this will give you enough momentum to proceed.

      – Puneet

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