Hello Everyone,

Since last couple of months, I was very busy in travelling, looking after my family, managing lot of other things. That’s why I didn’t get a chance to update my Blog.

One interesting thing, which happened 1 month back, is somehow, I got an opportunity to work with iPad Application. At first I thought, I am into RoR development since last 3 years, so why should I learn this new technology? What’s the future of it? Where I will be after 2 years down the line?

And surprisingly, I got an offer to work with both the technologies (i.e Ruby on Rails as well as iPad). Looks overload, isn’t it? Not at all :)

I admit the fact, that I am bit out of touch with the recent updates happening in Ruby on Rails community, because of the new iPad project, but I am hoping to get myself back into this very soon. But my existing knowledge into RoR, is helping my and my team, to accelerate the development speed.

In this post, I would like to tell you about the background of iPad development, Obejctive-C and Sqlite3 database.

This is not an in-depth technical article, but It will certainly help those developers, who are shifting their technologies or would like to try iPad/iPhone development.

To start with Basic development, all you need is:

  • The basic/advanced knowledge of Objective-C, which you’ll find it easy to learn at first go, but way to difficult when it comes to actual implementation. So be very focused while learning.
  • An Apple Machine. Macbook/Mac Mini would be good to go.
  • Xcode – A development tool for building iPad/iPhone App. Its free and you’ll get it from iTunes.
  • Sqlite3 – All applications running on iPad/iPhone are using Sqlite3 as a Data Storage device. So, If you’re thinking of using MySQL or Oracle or any database of your choice, the answer is ‘NO’. It comes by default with Xcode.
  • iPad Device: To test your application and see how it actually runs on iPad. To start with you can also see your application on Simulator.
  • On top of all this, you must have an Apple account. Charges to create your account is 1$.