Generate XML with Rails

Hello All,
Happy New Year in Advance, In this post of mine, I will generate XML with Buildergem. Here is how to do this:
go to terminal, in my case I m generating a new application.
–> rails myapp
go into the directory and type
–> mysql -u root -p
This will open mysql query browser in the terminal itself, create a new schema
–> create schema myapp_development;
type –> exit and get out from terminal, open your –> database.yml and change it according to that.
Now, generate a model Address by this:
–> ruby script/generate model Address
now open your addresses.rb from db/migrate folder and add following lines
–> t.string :name
t.string :city
One thing to be noted here, I m using acts_as_authenticated plugin, so I have added user_id also in that, so that It will be easy for me to generate XML for the current_user i.e the logged in user.
run –> rake db:migrate
if you have builder gem installed open up environment.rb file from config folder and add
–> require ‘builder’
after the end the ‘end’ line.
If you don’t have builder, you can easily install it by typing
–> sudo gem install builder
I think you guys are able to generate rhtml pages of it, now let’s see the controller action:
–> def new
@address =


from here my action goes to generate, see how gen_xml will store data.

–> def generate
@address =[:address])
@address.user_id =
redirect_to :action => ‘gen_xml’
values of address are saved, let’s see our new action i.e gen_xml

–> def gen_xml
@xml =
@addresses = Address.find(:all, :conditions => [“user_id = ?”,])
render :layout => false
Here Builder is your gem and it will generate XmlMarkup, here I m giving render :layout => false, coz I want to display generated XML without any CSS. Now your next step will be to create a file in your controller name gen_xml.rxml and add the below code:

–> xml.instruct! :xml, :version=>”1.0″
xml.declare! :DOCTYPE, :html, :PUBLIC, “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN”, “”

for address in @addresses
xml.address do
that’s it you are done, below is the screenshot of what I have done:


If you find any problem or if you have done it successfully, please leave a comment. It will give boost up my confidence level.