Host Ruby on Rails Application on Heroku

Hello Everyone,

In this article we will cover how to run your rails-2+/3 application on Heroku.

1. Heroku Account (
2, Github Account (
3. Heroku Gem (gem install heroku)
4. msysgit
5. Latest version of Git

Step 1: Download msysgit and run it. Once the installation is finished. Create your SSH Public key (if it has not created before.)
Steps on creating SSH keys can be found here:
Step 2: Once you’re done with SSH keys, Login into your Github Account and go to Account Settings -> SSH Public Keys. Copy your key and paste it there.
Step 3: Install latest version of Git, and make sure you have “checked“- access GIT via Command Line.
Step 4: Install heroku gem
Step 5.a: If you’re committing your application for the first time in GIT, do these steps:
5.a.1 git init
5.a.2 git add
5.a.3 git commit -m “my new app”
5.a.4 heroku create
5.a.5 git push heroku master

During these steps, heroku will ask for your credentials. Give your username and password when asked. Once you’re done with all these steps, you can check “My Apps” under your Heroku Account. There you’ll find a link to access your application.